January 2017

Over shoulder bag

2017 heralds the start of a new chapter for Wishbone, we have a fabulous new atelier in Ubrique, plans for a new bag and some great adventures ahead to spread ‘the word’ about our bags! Monday morning de-brief meetings on top of the Rock of Gibraltar start tomorrow, as the sun rises over the Straits we will be planning our strategy for January, and the year ahead. We love knowing we have friends out there who follow our progress and development, stay with us folks!

Wishbone – 2017

As 2016 draws to an end we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported Wishbone and all our friends who have given us enthusiastic feedback on our products.
It’s been a busy year – we held our first trunk show in Washington DC in May, an epic adventure for Wishbone and we were joyfully received by the most wonderful American warmth, we would love our bags to be the ‘go to’ choice for all ladies looking for elegance, but…. to have caused a stir on the East Coast during election year is a huge achievement for us!
We found a new atelier in Ubrique, Spain, they understand exactly what we are trying to achieve, our bags have always been finished with great attention to detail, and made to last, so we look forward to continuing our range, repeating the most popular lines and branching out as 2017 unfolds.
In November we participated in the wonderful Luxe London fashion sale at the Bulgari Hotel, organised by the dynamic Denise Manning, an excellent location and just the right surroundings for our bags, we loved meeting new clients and connecting with some old friends, we have some terrific plans for similar shows in 2017 and will post any upcoming events on our website.

Wishbone Identity

This morning we hiked up the Mediterranean Steps in Gibraltar where we hold our Monday Morning Cabinet Meetings. From now on this will be referred to as MMCM’s.  This morning our de-brief discussion topic was about identity.  The potential onset of our mid life crises  – though we’d hate to admit it exists – sometimes involves repetitive and forgetful discussions. Today our forthcoming adventure in Washington DC where we hope to introduce America to Wishbone and make known our identity. We are sure that Georgetown and DC are going to receive our wonderful line of totes and bags with enthusiasm.