Integrity, design and imagination

The concept of wishbone came to us while hiking together in 2013 towards the summit of the Rock of Gibraltar. Through many more hikes, over cups of tea and endless nights, ‘wishbone’ became the distinctive conceptual line of bags and accessories you see on this website.

We are friends from different walks of life who came together to create a business that is vibrant, much like a two piece suit, each item can certainly be worn alone but when put together the final effect is timeless, stylish and gratifying.

Although neither of us are native to Gibraltar, this is now our home with the panorama of Africa and Spain just beyond our shoreline. It is from here, sitting between two continents, that we hatched and designed our plan to create an exciting business and thus the ‘wishbone’ idea was born.

Our mission is to provide colourful, ethically made products which are affordable and of the highest quality. We have found a small family run business in the mountainous Andalucian town of Ubrique, in the remote highlands of Southern Spain, where the tradition for skilled leather work is recognized internationally for its superb craftsmanship.

We pride ourselves on creating relationships with our suppliers and work together to ensure responsibility for both workforce and product. All our fittings are made in Alicante, Spain, a region famous for providing the highest quality finishes. All the fittings are made from an anti-allergenic product known and trademarked as Zamak which is a family of alloys with a base metal of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper. We have chosen the ‘wishbone’ as our logo to symbolize ‘wish and hope’.

There are many legends which have at their core the wishbone’s property for bringing good luck harnessing the positive feelings that occur with the anticipation of breaking the bone in two. Legend or superstition – the end result or ‘merry thought’ being granted to the one who holds the bigger half of the two bones. The Romans brought the wishbone custom to England and the Pilgrims carried it to the New World, adapting it once they realized that turkeys were far more abundant!

Our intention is for you to wear one of our ‘wishbone’ items and carry a little something forward with a great deal of hope, good feelings of anticipation that the wishbone has instilled for centuries and most certainly a wish come true.